Ship Of Theseus

A fantastic debut by Anand Gandhi that takes a three-tiered look into the "Ship of Theseus" philosophy.

Director Anand Gandhi uses the philosophical concept that the movie is named after, Ship Of Theseus, and weaves the story of three people around it. The movie is an anthology — each of the three character’s story starts and finishes independently. The first story is about a young girl who is medically blind and yet loves photography. Next is an atheist monk who believes in the existence of a soul. The last story is about a man who likes his own small world, but must begin to acknowledge the wider world and its issues. The movie is multi-layered, taking a physical as well as a philosophical interpretation of the “Ship of Theseus” concept, which states: If the parts of a ship are replaced one-by-one, such that eventually none of the original parts of the ship remain, is it the same ship? Ship Of Theseus is very well-written, especially evident in scenes where the monk discusses his views and answers the questions of his cynical nephew. Ship Of Theseus is an excellent debut by the director, and just the right kind of movie to watch at a film festival.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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