Kill Me (Töte Mich)

Drab and disconnected, Kill Me wastes an intriguing premise.

One of the ways to make a road movie ineffective is to not take its story or characters anywhere. Not just in terms of geographical distance, but in the emotional journey the principal characters take. Kill Me makes that fundamental error. We are introduced to Adele, a forlorn teenage girl who is contemplating suicide, but doesn’t have the courage to go through with it. As luck would have it, an escaped convict finds refuge in her house. Adele agrees to help him escape, if he agrees to push her off a cliff once they are out of danger. Unfortunately, the director fails to capitalize on this juicy setup. We learn little about the two main characters over the course of their journey. In fact, it doesn’t lead them anywhere – when the film finishes, the characters are in the same emotional state as well as predicament that they were before they set off. Neither have they come to terms with their selves and their issues, nor have they achieved freedom (or death, in the case of Adele). The drab episodes they encounter during their journey don’t add any significance either. Kill Me would probably have been a lot more interesting if it was about the girl trying to keep the convict hidden in her home-town, waiting to let him escape safely and thus explore the relationship they share.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

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