Hyde Park on Hudson

Bill Murray makes this movie barely watchable, where the King and Queen can’t stop discussing Hot Dogs!

While World War II loomed over mainland Europe, The King and Queen of England make the first ever visit by a reigning monarch to the United States of America. Their agenda: to convince Franklin D Roosevelt to lend American support to Britain if the need arises. While this would make for a fascinating political drama, Hyde Park on Hudson is an absurd drama-comedy that walks dangerously close to becoming a spoof. FDR, his mother, his wife, his mistress, the King, the Queen and other bit players all become targets for mockery and derision in this complete misfire of a movie. Bill Murray, who seems to be in on the joke, provides for some amusing moments though. He makes the movie barely watchable. Much required in a movie where the King and Queen can’t stop discussing Hot Dogs!

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆

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