Goodbye (Be Omid E Didar)

Goodbye is a ponderous movie that tests your patience to the brink.

A ponderous movie that tests your patience to the brink. Goodbye is about a woman who is trying to get her papers in order to leave Iran. The director does a tremendous job in how he captures the plight of the woman, and the details that go into making the tale as realistic as possible. It is even shot very well — some scenes (many of them just a single take) leave you staring in amazement at how well they are done, especially the angle of choice for some of the shots. Yet, even for its short 104 minutes runtime, the director takes his time, using a deliberate pace that makes the movie seem much longer. The narrative is also fragmented, leaving you to piece the details together. This may have worked in favor of the movie, if only the director reined in his formal ponderous approach.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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