Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame

Whatever you may expect of and from Avengers Endgame, know that it is essentially disappointment-proof and immune from critical damage. The Russo brothers and their entire team, including the dedicated cast, have delivered on all their promises. The film, which, without giving anything away, plays out like a greatest hits compilation of the best moments from some of the most memorable movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, equals or surpasses the surprises, emotional highs and epic, big scale battle spectacles from all previous films including the benchmarks set by last years Infinity War.

Even the opening moments are not what you expect, with a surprising outcome to an unanticipated battle and this sets the film’s tone – you never know just what might happen. Of course, if you remember Infinity War well, the end of that film set up a hook for viewers to return for Endgame and nearly the entirety of this film is spent in preparing us for the inevitable resolution to that out-worldly superhero predicament. This obviously means that there is a smaller team to watch here, but it nicely plays out in terms of both intimacy of plot and character development, of which there is plenty.

Being the culmination of a decade long journey, if the work that the studio had put into the setup wasn’t already admirable, you really start to see how we have been prepared for the many story strands in Endgame – from why the Avengers need the Guardians of the Galaxy, to how slowly, seemingly effortlessly, the saga has shifted from sci-fi to fantasy to all-out space opera. The story, which must be discovered without any prior knowledge of the overall plot, plays out, in its own words, like a heist film. And like any good heist film, in Endgame planning the heist is easier than executing it.

With the kind of semi-complicated ingenuity worthy of a Christopher Nolan film and many years of screenplay master planning, Endgame also completely disregards the fundamental tenets that we’ve come to expect from a particular sub-genre of science fiction (which shall remain unspecified) with all the clever confidence of a comic book itself. The result is a big, bold, brash, beautiful film and one of the worthiest candidates for the title of blockbuster that you’ll ever experience.

Rating: ★★★★½


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