40 is a movie that over-uses style without purpose.

Three separate lives collide in this movie, a theme that has grown increasingly popular in recent years. The first character is a taxi driver who also does odd-jobs of the wrong kind. The second is an illegal African immigrant who yearns to reach France. The third is a nurse who wants to take her daughter and leave her miserable husband. Shot hand-held, and seemingly deliberately made more shaky, the movie over-uses style without purpose. The style itself is not extraordinary, or even fresh. It seems thrown into he mix to make the movie more “cool”, which it fails at. The writing is shoddy, no explanation is given for the twists that push the story forward and character behavior is molded to the need of the story. 40 is, for its most part, a failure.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

About Shariq Madani

Shariq is a social, talkative, fun-loving guy who enjoys books, food and a long drive. But his real joy is in the comfortable darkness of a cinema, watching a good movie, and later spending hours discussing it.