The Humbling (2014) – Trailer # 1

Remember Al Pacino, of course you do but if I ask what was his last great film?

Remember Al Pacino, of course you do but if I ask what was his last great film and for that you really need to think because he has been in a lot of junk since 2002’s Insomnia which was not that great of a film either. What about Barry Levinson, his last great film was Wag the Dog in 1997, he was on fire before that with Diner, Rain Man, etc.

Now both these washed up people meet together to bring us The Humbling with the quirky and beautiful Greta Gerwig playing a lesbian with who a suicidal washed up actor (Al Pacino) falls in love. Craziness ensues and hopefully this will be the revival of the great Al Pacino and Barry Levinson.

By the way Al Pacino’s next is a film called Manglehorn by the once touted to be the next Terrance Malick until he went cuckoo smoking weed and made a comeback last year with the atmospheric and raw Joe director David Gordon Green. I’m excited.

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