Out This Week: 7 May 2015

Horror, chick-flick, rom-com or Bollywood? Here are your picks for the week.

Unlike the last weekend when distributors did not want to get in the way of Avengers: Age of Ultron, this weekend is jam-packed with new releases. With so many choices, we decided to highlight the biggest ones for your consideration:

It Follows:
It Follows Poster
Directed By:  David Robert Mitchell
With: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, and Olivia Luccardi 

Heads Up: It is the story of a 19 year old who is being followed by a supernatural mysterious force after having sex with a young man. While many critics dubbed this film one of the scariest films in decades, our very own critic Lloyd Bayer, in his review, says “Nerve wrecking and unpredictable, It Follows is a highly effective Indie horror film that should become a cult classic.” Needless to say, watch it!

Hot Pursuit:
Hot Pursuit Poster
Directed By: Anne Fletcher
With:  Reese Witherspoon, Sofía Vergara, and Matthew Del Negro

Heads Up: A new take on the old story of an odd couple on the run, where the uptight cop Reese Witherspoon is trying to protect the sexy widow Sofia Vergara from someone who wants to kill her. This film wants to be The Heat, but looks far from it. We don’t recommend it for anyone who’s seeking a good buddy comedy, but since it caters to the under-served women viewers, we think it will do well with girls out for a movie.

Words and Pictures
Words and Pictures Poster
Directed by: Fred Schepisi
With: Clive Owen, Juliette Binoche, and Bruce Davison

Heads Up: A romantic comedy set in a high school where a rivalry between the Art and English Teachers results in a school competition to determine once and for all which is more important: words or pictures. The two leads are amazing actors, but the critics were lukewarm to the film. We are mildly interested, nevertheless.

Piku poster
Directed by: Shoojit Sircar
With: Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, and Irrfan Khan 

Heads Up: The story of Piku, a young woman who can’t have a life because she is weighed down by having to take care of her 70-year old hypochondriac father. The reigning queen of Bollywood Padukone can be really funny,  Amitabh Bachachan is a legend, and it has Irrfan Khan who is one of the best actors working today. The trailer was marred by too many toilette joke for our taste, but we still think the film can deliver.

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