Out This Week: 25 July 2019

Hollywood tentpoles are taking a break this weekend, you might even forget we're still in summer.

When it comes to English language films, this July weekend has a surprisingly low profile when it comes to tentpoles, but that doesn’t mean nothing is worth watching, so keep reading.


Directed by: Guy Nattiv
With: Jamie Bell, Danielle Macdonald, Mike Colter, Vera Farmiga 
What is it about: A destitute young man, raised by racist skinheads and notorious among white supremacists, turns his back on hatred and violence to transform his life, with the help of a black activist and the woman he loves.
Heads Up: This crime drama is based on a true story, and it is garnering strong reviews. It does remind me of  American History X, a film that I like a lot. I think this is the film to see this weekend.

Lying and Stealing

Directed by: Matt Aselton
With: Theo James, Emily Ratajkowski, Fred Melamed, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach
What is it about: Hoping to leave his criminal lifestyle behind him, a successful art thief teams up with a sexy con woman to pull off the ultimate heist and set himself free.
Heads Up: This Neo-noirish heist film has decent reviews, but its two leads are not exactly that appealing or charismatic. I would say wait for it to be released in VOD or streaming if you must.

River Runs Red

Directed by: Wes Miller
With: Taye Diggs, George Lopez, Luke Hemsworth, and John Cusack
What is it about: 2 cops pull a car over and shoot the driver. Not finding a gun, they plant one on him. The victim’s dad, a judge, wants “justice” and after the 2 cops walk, he takes action.
Heads Up: This drama thriller is tackling a very serious subject, but it looks stupid and cheap. I say avoid!

Judgementall Hai Kya

Directed by: Prakash Kovelamudi
With: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao, and R. Bhakti Klein
What is it about? Life takes an unexpected turn for Bobby when she meets Keshav and the incidents that follow is going to crumble their world.
Heads Up: I’m one of the a few people I know who don’t really care for Kangana Ranaut. That said, this comedy thriller looks like crazy fun, and I do like Rajkummar Rao, so I think I’m in for this one.

The Blue Elephant 2

Directed by: Marwan Hamed
With: Karim Abdul Aziz, Hend Sabry, Nelly Karim, and Eyad Nassar
What is it about? A meeting with a new inmate in the psychiatric hospital flips Dr. Yehia’s life upside down. She prophesies that the death of his entire family is only three days away.
Heads Up: The sequel for 2014’s hit The Blue Elephant has an all-star cast and a competent director. Judging by the trailer, this psychological thriller borrows heavily from Inception from its dream sequences, down to the horns in its score. It does look well made and visually interesting, so if you are caught up with the first film, I don’t see why not.

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