Out This Week: 16 April 2015

Let’s see what in store for movie-goers in U.A.E. this weekend!

Child 44:
Child 44 Poster
Directed by Daniel Espinosa
With Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Naomi Rapace, and Vincent Cassel

Heads Up: Set in Stalin-era Soviet Union, a mystery thriller about a serial killer specialized in kidnapping children. Despite a bleak subject and mostly unfavourable reviews, the film has a star-studded cast and a promising director, so we are mildly curious. So check it out, may be?!

Cake Poster
Directed by Daniel Barnz
With Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick, Sam Worthington, and Felicity Hoffman

Heads Up: Jennifer Aniston plays a woman battling addiction to painkillers after a mysterious accident, she also sees the ghost of a woman from her AA group who committed Suicide. Despite the premise, the trailer is kinda funny, and Jennifer Aniston gives it all. This is the film where she made herself look ugly for a shot at an Oscar nod. Alas, she was snubbed because apparently the film did not live up to her performance. That said, and considering the alternative this weekend, this seems as good as it gets.

Kill Me Three Times
Kill Me Three Times Poster
Directed By Kriv Stenders
With Simon Pegg, Alice Braga, and Teresa Palmer

Head Up: Simon Pegg plays a hitman who is out to kill a woman only to find out he is not the only one after her. Our critic Lloyd Bayer hated it (Read his review) so we advise you against it.

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2
Paul Blart 2 Poster
Directed By Andy Fickman
With Kevin James, Raini Rodriguez, and Eduardo Verástegui

Heads Up: Paul Blart leaving his mall scooter after 6 years to take a vacation in Vegas, what could go wrong you ask? Everything! If you’ve watched the first, you know what to expect from the sequel. We can’t recommend it to those who haven’t watched the first though!

Mr. X
Mr. X Poster
Directed By: Vikram Bhatt
With Emran Hashmi, Amyra Dastur, and Nora Fatehi

Heads Up: Emran Hashmi is a cop who gain the power of invisibility so he becomes vigilante to take revenge from the people who wronged him. Sci-fi isn’t a regularly explored genre in Bollywood so I’d suggest you tread with caution. But if you are looking for a 3D Hindi thriller, then by all means, go watch it.

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