Focus (2015) – Trailer # 1

Finally Will Smith wants to Focus on his career.

Will Smith has been MIA for a while, he was last seen promoting his son in Shyamlan’s After Earth which bombed as expected, he did pull off a funny cameo in Anchorman 2 but finally Smith has resurfaced and focusing (pun intended) on his career.

Directing duo Glenn Ficarra and John Requa have not done much but what they have done are a couple of pretty solid movies especially the Jim Carrey/Ewan McGregor comedy I Love You Phillip Morris. If you have not seen it then do seek it out as it will thoroughly entertain you.

The only problem with the Focus trailer is that it looks run of the mill con film. Leading man is a con artist, falls for a rookie who he is teaching, she cheats him on some big money deal, deal goes wrong, he finds out, fights to save her from the bad guy, followed by a big action scene and they kiss and make up.

Here’s hoping the director duo and Will Smith infuse something new into an otherwise pretty bland premise.

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