Edge of Tomorrow (2014) — Trailer# 2

Tom Cruise in a sci-fi action, the Groundhog Day way!

Tom Cruise headlining an action movie movie again, yawn! Except… this is a scifi, and there-in may lie the difference. Oblivion, Minority Report and even Vanilla Sky are good-to-excellent scifi movies. The actor also gets a lot of flak for *two* bad movies he’s head-lined recently, but there is reason enough to doubt this project: the director & writer have done good work in the past (between them: The Bourne Identity, Valkyrie and The Usual Suspects) but have recently not been too impressive (between them: Fair Game, Jack Reacher and The Tourist).

The first trailer didn’t do much except sell the movie as a very generic action film. This trailer though sets it up as an interesting thriller, what with the Groundhog Day-meets-Starship Troopers feel.

It still looks better than what Oblivion did before release!

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