Chappie (2015) – Trailer # 1

Are you ready to accept Chappie into your life?

Neill Blomkamp shot to fame was a little movie called District 9. He went on to make Elysium with Matt Damon which bombed at the box office. But here he is again with his next feature Chappie starring an Australian playing a South African and an Indian playing an American. Go figure.

Chappie stars Dev Patel as an inventor who has created an Artificial Intelligent robot played by Blomkamp regular Sharlto Copley while Hugh Jackman plays an anti-A.I. crusader who wants the robot dead.

The premise is uncannily similar to the 1986 classic Short Circuit where a robot comes to life and tries to convince his creator he has actually come alive.

We are not really sold but Blomkamp is known to surprise us.

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